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An adventure of dark fantasy, corrupting magic, antagonistic elves, and the Dark Forest of Davokar.

Explore, try to stay alive, and decide how much you agree with crown and church that untamed wilderness is the source of chaos, darkness and evil, therefore it is the responsibility of civilized people to tame, control and conquer it.

The elves living in the forest totally disagree, barbarian tribes living on the edge of the forest feel mixed about this, Queen Korinthia and the Church of Prios expect you to fully comply.

What will be your path?

See more details on the adventure locale in the wiki of this site.


Symbaroum is a Swedish dark fantasy game. The setting is detailed in the Core Book, and since there are a lot of details, having a copy of the book and reading through the setting is necessary.

This game uses a modified corruption system, which emphasizes lengthy rituals as opposed to spells as action scene abilities. See more on the modified system here.

I made the changes because I'd like to explore a game system where magic does not come easily and always have a price, which becomes permanent quite quickly. This way casters should be careful with their magic and live with the personal and social consequences.

Home Page

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